For the Russian propaganda puppets

I got my first Russian propaganda monger posting some BS in my journal because of comments I made in other communities.

LJ friends, you all should know that other guys like this might turn up and harass anybody who comments back to him, so if you see any comments like that one in my journal, ignore them. I will remove it and block the user immediately.

IF YOU ARE A PRO-PUTIN RUSSIAN PROPAGANDIST: Don't bother posting in my journal. Your comments WILL be removed. I believe in freedom and democracy for Ukraine. I believe Putin is a menacing dictator who needs to be stopped by any means necessary. I believe anybody who goes about spreading lies is a puppet, but one who willfully participates in evil. You will not be tolerated here.

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Слава Україні!

Something I wrote.



I posted this on Facebook but I'm posting it here too because it's hilarious. I don't know who that person is, but I want to marry her.

The Terrible Tragedy of the Healthy Eater

Seriously, read the whole thing, it's worth every word.

Mar. 24th, 2014

A Meditation on Psalm 46 written by yours truly.



Hey, given the recent events in Ukraine and the number of shits (none) Putin apparently gives about playing by the rules, I created a petition for further action that the US should take. Please take a minute to read it and sign it.

Creating an account is really easy. I need 150 signatures for this to go "live" on the We the People site, so if you could share, I'd appreciate it.



I seem to have collected a few Russians following my lj…




I'm having trouble not eating all the things this week, and it's not even shark week. I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm at a really weird place where I'm still about 12 lbs from my goal, but am kind of happy with my size, theoretically. I can go to most stores and I'm a pretty solid medium, and I actually purchased a size 8 pair of jeans for the first time in my life. I was hanging out with Caroline, Laura, and Leya recently, and they were joking about the tiny sauna in the basement of their apartment complex that is suited for "one and a half people" or, according to Leya "two tiny people, like... size 8 or under." I was like, wait, I'm totally wearing size 8 pants! But I don't feel any smaller than all of them, who hang in the L/XL range (I'd guess 14s-18s all around). But objectively, I am. I've never had a good gauge for comparing my body size to other people which is probably why I was so fat for so long. I still feel above average, but I'm actually smaller than the average American and 3 inches taller. I know I've reflected on this before, but I really don't get the mental gymnastics--does anybody else have this problem? I'm like, I'm a medium! And then I stand next to people and feel like I'm bigger than they are, especially my hips. I like my figure but am worried I will never feel the size I actually am.

Things are moving forward for Ann Arbor this summer. I have a little bit of inexplicable anxiety about it and I'm not really sure why. Maybe it's rolled up in other concerns, like Pasha wanting to spend some weeks away in the fall and finishing school and trying to find a call. I have a little bit of anxiety about some of those things but when I think about the summer I get butterflies. It's a great opportunity and I am excited about it, but I don't know... it's a little scary.

I'm slightly sick of classwork right now. I'm having real trouble mustering up any shits to give, especially about Exercises in Biblical Theology (also known as Exercises in Biblical Futility to the seniors). I ended up taking SEVEN classes this semester because of all the stupid little half credit classes. I'm enjoying them but it's really annoying to just barely scratch the surface. I'm getting pickier about how classes are taught and some of them are frustrating. I feel like I could be out actually practicing ministry skills, but instead I'm stuck in class. It's a nice vacation after all the hard growing I did last year, but it has its own drawbacks. Still, I'm constantly amazed at how happy I am by comparison.

I have some other thoughts to write about in the future but perhaps in a filtered post...

Summer plans.

So life plans seem to be more or less falling into place. I may have mentioned this before, but how the call process works is that you are assigned a region, and then a synod speaks up and says 'hey, we might have a place for this person' and then they start the process of matching you up for interviews with congregations in need of pastors like some sort of weird synodical dating service. But when your spouse is anchored to a geographical region, you have to say 'this is the only synod I can be in' and hope they honor your restriction. Which, here in the Twin Cities, they will not. Which means I am going to be unassigned and floating. That means I'm going to be sitting around waiting for a call for a while, unless some miracle happens, and so I started brain storming what to do. I decided to apply to chaplain residencies so that for the next year I'll at least be employed, even if I won't be ordained (you have to receive a call to a church for that, usually). But that still left the whole summer of me floating around doing nothing.

SO Pasha started thinking about spending some time in Ann Arbor doing research with a colleague there, since I will be more or less unemployed either way. I didn't want to just be floating around doing nothing in an unfamiliar place, though, so I e-mailed the synod there to ask if they might have use for me somewhere. It took a couple weeks but the assistant to the bishop got back to me and said yes, and she wanted to talk with me and forwarded my information to the director of evangelical mission and to a host of pastors. The DEM e-mailed me about 5 minutes later, and a pastor at a church in Ann Arbor sent me an e-mail a little bit later. So we contacted Pasha's colleague and told him we are free to come so it sounds like, though nothing is setting in stone yet, we may be spending July and the first part of August in Ann Arbor.

This seems like it could work out pretty well for me. This is a bigger geographical area so I think Lutheran churches are more sparse. I think if I do some work there and they like me, word could get back to that bishop, and bishops talk... so maybe it could be a connection that might give me a boost here. It's real ministry experience, and it's in a university setting which is outside of my ministry experience thus far. If I can do a residency next year, that will also give me really valuable experience, so maybe once some more calls open up in the Cities, I will look more attractive as a first call pastor. We'll see what happens. I feel kind of good about it. I am slightly nervous but I think it's like 'my future is unfolding in front of me' kind of nervous. For now, I just have to get through approval, though...



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